Saturday, November 11, 2006

Parents-Teachers Day

Today was Parents-Teachers Day at Cheryl's school, Midah Kindergarten. It was also the day to collect the report card.
In the 1st half year exams, Cheryl scored full marks in all papers and she was positioned joint 1st together with Lui Kok Leong and another of her classmates. However she lost a few marks in the year end exams which saw her drop to 2nd place in the overall results. Her classmate and same apartment friend, Kok Leong, maintained 1st position while her best friend in school, Sherryl Siah, retained her 3rd position.

Mummy with Cheryl meeting the English teacher
(Chastan standing behind Cheryl)

Class Positions in Midah Kindergarten Midah Kindergarten Class Positions

Cheryl 2nd PositionCheryl in 2nd place in exams for the 5 year olds

Half-year Class Positions Cheryl joint 1st position in 1st half year exams

Cheryl's 2006 report card Cheryl's 2006 Report Card

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David BC Tan said...

Cheryl seems like an extremely bright kid. But isn't it too early for a kindergarten child to be caught up with examinations?